Apexigen is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing the next generation of antibody therapeutics for the treatment of cancer with an emphasis on new immuno-oncology products that harness the patient’s immune system to combat and eradicate cancer.


Recent advances in cancer immunology have increased our understanding of the mechanisms that cancer cells use to either avoid detection by or to de-activate the immune system. Novel immuno-oncology drugs are designed specifically to block immune suppression induced by tumors, or to actively initiate and augment an immune response against tumors. Manipulating the body’s immune system can lead to elimination of tumors and prevention of tumor recurrence (for a long-lasting cure).

Apexigen’s Immuno-oncology Strategy

Apexigen is focused on discovering and developing innovative drugs that enhance tumor-specific immunity. The use of its APXiMAB™ platform  enables Apexigen to discover antibodies with unique attributes against known and novel immune system targets. These antibodies have demonstrated the potential to become the next generation of cancer therapies as we progress toward the ultimate cure for cancer.


April 9, 2021
Apexigen Announces Presentations of Preclinical Data for its TNFR2 Antagonist (APX601) and SIRPα Antagonist (APX701) Programs at the AARC Annual Meeting 2021

March 1, 2021
Apexigen to Present at Investor Conferences in March and April 2021

January 19, 2021
Apexigen publishes Sotigalimab/APX005M preclinical results in Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy in an article entitled: “APX005M, a CD40 agonist antibody with unique epitope specificity and Fc receptor binding profile for optimal therapeutic application”

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